Unfortunately, we have had to postpone myConf 2019. A new date and place will be posted shortly. 

We believe that the focus should be on keeping the code base small - regardless of choice of language or programming paradigm. A small code base allows for quick changes - something which is invaluable in today's markets.


Furthermore, monads alone will not cut it, you need to solve the right problem as efficiently as possible. Our choice of software development practices and principles will greatly affect our ability to meet tomorrow’s unknown demands.


If you share these opinions then myConf is the conference for you! It’s a single-day, single-track conference, and we only have a limited number of seats. Be sure to get yours as soon as possible!

Do you also think that our industry has an unhealthy focus on producing lots of code above all other things?  

We're looking forward to seeing you on May16! Welcome!

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Stacy Cashmore
Finding value in the code you don't write
Jimmy Nilsson
What Really Matters
Niclas Nilsson
More is more
Ellen Lippe
The Chandrasekhar limit of software
Gregory Young
Systems Fun Connected Occasionally
Marcus Walter 
How to do a million things at the same time
Andreas Cederström
Do you dare to put your business in the driver's seat?


08.00 - 09.00
Registration and
17.50 - 18.00 
Wrap up
12.10 - 13.30 
18.00 - 20.00
More information coming soon!

Reserve your spot

The price for the conference including coffee breaks, a sit down lunch and a mingle with snacks and drinks is 3500 SEK excluding VAT.
To book a ticket, please send an email to It’s as easy as that. :)
The reservation is binding!



Location will be announced later.


If you're travel from afar, flying to Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) is the easiest and then a direct train, Arlanda Express (20 min) to Stockholm C.


The other option is flying to Bromma and the bus (Flygbuss) to Stockholm C.  


You can also take a taxi:

Taxi Stockholm: 08-15 00 00

TaxiKurir: 08-30 00 00




Suggested accommodation will be announced later.


The conference is arranged by factor10. We have planned this to be super inspiring to people like ourselves and we expect it to create ripples on the water for the greater good.